World First AI Cabin Crew ‘Sama’

By appointing an AI Cabin Crew named Sama to be a virtual member of the cabin crew, Qatar Airways has made a dramatic advancement in the aviation sector. Sama is a component of QVerse, the airline’s virtual reality platform that lets users explore all of Qatar Airways’ offerings, including the interiors of its planes. The goal of the digital human cabin crew is to improve passenger satisfaction by offering on-demand support.

Sama is the first person of her kind in the world and the second version of the proposed holographic flight crew. The world’s premier travel trade show, ITB Berlin 2024, hosted her unveiling. UneeQ Digital Humans powers the digital human by creating lifelike, real-time animation with artificial intelligence support. Sama can answer questions about flights, the network in Qatar, ground and on-board services, general inquiries, and even play games with visitors.

Sama’s launch is a testament to Qatar Airways’ dedication to outstanding service and innovation. “Sama 2.0 represents our relentless pursuit of innovation and embodies Qatar Airways’ values of exceptional service and hospitality,” said Babar Rahman, vice president of marketing for the airline. The developer is optimistic that the application will function in Arabic and English among other languages.

Apart from the AI-powered cabin crew, Qatar Airways has also launched an internal application that enables cabin crew to provide passengers with customized experiences. The application provides cabin crew with real-time insights into customer preferences and flight information. It also lets cabin crew view the profiles of passengers, including Oneworld and Privilege Club members. With intentions to expand the project to include airports and lounges abroad as well as Hamad International Airport, the airline intends to give more than 15,000 mobile devices to its cabin crew.

The next stage of Qatar Airways’ digital transformation, which aims to improve the onboard experience for passengers and streamline procedures, includes the introduction of Sama and the internal application. This year, the airline has made significant progress toward its digital transformation. One such step has been its partnership with Google Cloud to investigate data analytics and AI solutions for improved customer experiences and sustainability.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sama?

Sama is an AI-generated digital human developed by Qatar Airways, introduced as the world’s first metahuman cabin crew in 2022. Initially designed to guide customers through the QVerse, Qatar Airways’ virtual customer experience platform, Sama has evolved into a conversational AI entity capable of interacting with customers in real-time.

How does Sama enhance the customer experience?

Second-generation virtual cabin crew Sama 2.0 is prepared to respond to inquiries from passengers on Qatar Airways in real-time, including FAQs, travel information, and support advice. Sama guarantees accurate responses to customer inquiries in English thanks to her extensive training and integration with OpenAI. She also has plans to communicate in multiple languages.

What are the capabilities of Sama 2.0?

Sama 2.0 offers a more humanlike experience with expressions and simulated breathing, moving beyond scripted chatbot interactions to provide nuanced and contextual conversations within the QVerse platform. This advanced AI model can assist customers with on-ground and on-board services, including booking flights and completing transactions.

How does Sama interact with customers in the QVerse?

Sama interacts with customers in the QVerse by providing real-time responses to their queries and guiding them through various aspects of the airline experience. Initially designed to walk and talk customers through the QVerse, Sama has evolved into a more advanced AI entity capable of engaging in nuanced and contextual conversations within the platform. Trained on Qatar Airways’ extensive data sets, Sama is now equipped to follow brand guidelines, ensuring relevance to customer queries. Sama 2.0 offers a richer conversational experience within the QVerse, enabling customers to ask questions about on-ground and on-board services, such as cabin preferences, meal options, baggage allowance, and even book flights. This AI-enhanced digital human is powered by Synanim technology, providing lifelike animations and personalized interactions to enhance customer engagement and offer best-in-class services.

What languages will Sama 2.0 be able to communicate in?

Sama 2.0 is initially available in English, but it will soon be able to communicate in 12 languages, including Arabic, to cater to a diverse global audience. This expansion of linguistic capabilities aims to provide seamless communication for passengers worldwide, enhancing the customer experience within the QVerse platform. Additionally, Sama 2.0’s real-time translation capabilities will enable effective interactions with customers in multiple languages, ensuring personalized and engaging conversations that mirror human communication.

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