ai image compressor free

AI Image Compressor

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Smart Lossy Compression
  • Supports Multiple File Types
  • Free to Use
  • Side-by-side Comparison
  • Limited Features:
  • Dependency on Internet Connection
  • Limited Image Editing
  • Limited Compression Options
  • Limited Support and Updates

TinyPNG is a user-friendly web ai image compressor app that specializes in image compression for WebP, JPEG, and PNG files. TinyPNG uses smart lossy compression techniques to reduce the file size of your images without compromising on quality. By selectively decreasing the number of colors in the image, TinyPNG is able to reduce the number of bytes required to store the data, resulting in significantly smaller file sizes. This makes it an ideal tool for optimizing images for websites and applications, as it helps reduce bandwidth usage and improves loading times.

The simplicity of usage of TinyPNG is one of its key benefits. Users of the online application can compress up to 20 photographs at once using its straightforward and user-friendly interface. The website allows users to upload their image files immediately and wait for the compression process to finish. Additionally, TinyPNG has a feature that allows users to compare two images side by side to observe how they differ from one another. TinyPNG lets customers optimize their photographs while keeping image quality with file size savings of 40% to 70%.

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