ai flashcard generator free

AI Flashcard Generator

  • Offers a cram mode
  • Can customize
  • Available for purchase
  • Allows users to add images
  • Method of studying
  • Only available for IOS
  • Reported issues
  • Does not offer as much customization
  • Does not offer a free version
  • May not effective for all users

On their mobile devices, users can create and study digital flashcards using the AI flashcard generator app called Cram. Users of the program can study their flashcards as much as they’d like in the cram mode, which the software offers. Users can update and add buttons to their flashcards to personalize them and make them stand out from the crowd. For $4.99, you can buy the app from the App Store. While the app has received some favorable ratings on Amazon and other websites, there are also some unfavorable reviews that highlight functional problems with the program. Overall, Cram Flashcards is a digital flashcard program that allows users to study their flashcards as much as they like in cram mode, albeit it might have some functioning problems.

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