AI powered GPA Percentage Converter Nepal is forever free to use AI tool provided by aitools360 which allows users to convert over Total Marks, Percentage and GPA of Grade SEE, 11 & 12.

GPA Percentage Converter Nepal

GPA Percentage Converter Nepal

What grading systems are supported by this converter?

This converter supports the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) and Grades 11 and 12 of the Nepalese education system. It accurately converts between total marks, percentage, and GPA for these educational levels.

How does the converter calculate GPA from percentage for SEE?

For the SEE grading system, the converter uses a specific scale where a percentage of 90 or above translates to a GPA of 4.0, 80-89 to 3.6, 70-79 to 3.2, 60-69 to 2.8, 50-59 to 2.4, and 40-49 to 2.0. Percentages below 40 are considered failing and do not correspond to a GPA.

Can I convert my GPA to a percentage using this tool?

Yes, you can convert your GPA to a percentage. The tool uses the Nepalese grading system scales for SEE and Grades 11 and 12 to provide accurate conversions from GPA to percentage.

What is the total marks for SEE and Grade 11/12 in this converter?

For the SEE exam, the total marks are 800. For Grade 11 and 12, the total marks are 1000. The converter uses these totals to calculate the corresponding percentage and GPA.

How accurate are the conversions provided by this tool?

The conversions are based on standardized grading scales used in Nepal. However, individual schools or educational boards might have slight variations, so it’s always best to confirm with your institution for precise requirements and grading policies.