AI powered EDV Photo Tool is forever free to use AI tool provided by aitools360 which allows users to crop photo in different required sizes.

EDV Photo Tool

EDV Photo Tool

What is the EDV Photo Tool?

The EDV Photo Tool is an AI-powered application provided by aitools360 that allows users to crop and resize photos to various required sizes, such as passport photos, square photos, and DV lottery photos.

How do I upload a photo to the EDV Photo Tool?

To upload a photo, click on the “Choose File” button, select the desired image from your device, and it will be displayed in the image container for cropping and resizing.

What photo sizes are available for cropping?

The EDV Photo Tool offers several size options including Passport (354×472), Square (400×400), 3×4 (300×450), Large Square (500×500), 2×3 (200×300), Auto (250×300), and DV Photo (600×600).

How can I save the cropped photo?

After selecting the desired size and cropping the photo, click on the “Save Image” button. The processed image will be available for download to your device.

Is the EDV Photo Tool free to use?

Yes, the EDV Photo Tool is completely free to use. It offers advanced AI-powered photo cropping and resizing features at no cost.