Best Free AI Tools for Social Media Marketing

An indispensable free ai tools for social media marketing can help organizations become more productive, save time, and streamline their social media management processes. The majority of what you see on any particular social network is powered by AI, which can also write and target social media ads, automate monitoring, and make social media posts.

Here are the 5 best AI tools for social media marketing and their descriptions:


A well-known tool for managing numerous social media sites is called Hootsuite. By assessing the best times to post content for the most interaction, it uses AI to enhance your social media strategy. It promises capabilities like automated scheduling and content curation and offers analytics to track performance.


An AI-powered content management system, enhanced audience insights, and influence marketing discovery are all features of the social media management platform Socialbakers. It can aid organizations in better understanding their target market, curating personalized content, streamlining operations, and improving their overall social media performance.

Magic Studio

An AI-powered video creation software called Magic Studio can assist you in producing interesting videos for social media. From drafting the script to editing the video, it employs AI to automate the process, and it can even produce voiceovers.


You can enhance your social media writing with the aid of Wordtune, an AI-powered writing assistance. Based on your input, it can offer alternative wording suggestions, rephrase sentences, and even produce new material.

stockimg ai

You can find the ideal photos for your social media postings by using the AI-powered image search engine Based on your search parameters, it can even propose alternative photos after using AI to assess the substance of the photographs.

These artificial intelligence (AI) solutions can assist businesses in developing interesting content, streamlining their social media strategy, and improving their overall social media performance.

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